Hadrian Lodge Estate, Wallsend

Mr K Humble;


I first contacted Michael through a friend because we were in the middle of buying our freehold. It was going to cost £9,950 which was very expensive so I decided to call Michael who did not hesitate in coming out to see us. Michael was very professional and went through all the paperwork and made everything very clear. Buying the freehold is a long progress so be patient, you don’t need to do much, just leave it to Michael and the solicitors. Two weeks ago we got the freehold for £1,950 – a saving of £8,000! When it was all completed, the whole cost was around £4,000. If we had paid the £9,950 plus costs and VAT, we were looking at £12,000.

I would just like to thank Michael and all the team for all the hard work they have done. What a saving, many thanks.

1 July 2014

Two weeks ago, we got our freehold for £1,950 - a saving of £8,000!